Extremely Bitter Experience with UBL Credit Card Service

I am just sharing my a bitter experience with United Bank Limited (UBL), Pakistan. I had a credit card of United Bank Limited (UBL), Pakistan. Initially, I was hearing from people that UBL banking is not good they are getting extra amount from the consumers. Even than I made a mistake and requested UBL to make Credit Card. In April 2012, when it was renewed, I have refused to continue the credit card service of UBL and sent my credit card in two halves to UBL along with a letter to close my account and send me confirmation letter. Please Note: Before to submit my request, I had cleared all my dues on my credit card even with some extra few amount. Unfortunately, I have not received any letter from the bank and I was assuming that my credit card has been closed with UBL.

In 2nd November 2012, I have received a bill from UBL with the Late Payment Fee of total amount Rs. 3,052. Immediately, I called to service center and asked for the bill. They said to send the a written request on the following address.

Manager Problem Resolutions Unit
Customer Services
City Building, First Floor, II Chandrigarh Road, Karachi

I sent them a written request and request them to close my account immediately and send me written information about it. According to my knowledge, they have received the application on  6 November 2012. I am still waiting for the letter but then I have received another bill with the total amount Rs. 4,352 including last month payment Rs. 3,052 and Service Fee Rs. 141, Late Payment Fee Rs. 1,000 and FED on Late Payment Rs. 160.

It was surprise for me to receive another bill while I was expected to receive closed account confirmation. So, again I have called to service center then Mr. Rizwan (customer support representative) said that I must pay all of the amount then request them on help line for the confirmation letter which they will forward and then I will receive the letter. What a GREAT FUCKING service from UBL.

Now, I believe that UBL is trying to get money from the people. I strongly believe that they don’t care of the customers and only wants to increase their amount.

Just for the record, I also closed my another credit card account from Bank Alfalah and it was very good experience that immediately after 2 weeks, I have received confirmation of account closed. I really appreciate the services of Bank Alfalah.

Now, I am going to write another letter to UBL and will check if they respond me within a week otherwise I will not have any choice except to pay amount to UBL to clear myself from these people.

If anybody knows, how to handle this case, please advice.



Encouraging Employee Engagement

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Involvement of the employees is the alignment of the employees of an organization with general objectives of the society and the objectives.  The employees that pledge themselves for and pledged with the work of the organization of to supply decisive competitive advantages – among which the enhancement of the productivity and low friction.

Here is how you can engage your employees:

Respect is the first step when inculcating a culture of employee engagement within an organization. Respect of employees by acknowledging them; make it a point to be nice, listen they have to say, during dialogue make a direct eye contact and be polite and courteous. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are powerful words, use them.

Appreciate your employees; this will encourage them to perform better. Remember these simple rules of appreciation: do not delay your appreciation, the sooner praise is given the greater its impact; be specific when you praise someone, so the employee understands what it is that s/he is being appreciated for and laud good work publicly, it makes employees feel good and encourages them to do even better.

Provide feedback that is specific and constructive, as well as performance pointers and corrective guidance.

Communicate with employees and keep them fully informed about the company, the business and especially their work and job security. Engaged employees should feel and be aware of all that is happening around them; this affects their work.

Engage by Wandering Around (EBWA) is the new management style. It literally means managers should stroll around the office, communicate with employees, ask questions and listen to them. Showing genuine interest in people makes them feel valued and raises their self-esteem; it also increases their productivity and work satisfaction.

Entourage creativity; when someone comes to you with and idea, encourage them to apply it on a small level, no matter what you might think initially. Encouraging creativity at work and making employees a part of improvements gives them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Ways to Strengthen your People Management Skills

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If you think that only a company’s CEO should have good people management skills then you need to think again because you might be wrong. It does not matter who you are and what you do, people management skills are essential for almost everyone. You can make your life quite easy if you have good management skills. People paying attention to whatever you say is indeed a great thing and strong management skills can make it happen for you without much of an effort.

Now, gaining strong people management skills is not a big deal even if you do not have any at the present moment. All you need to do is get familiar with a few psychologies related to people management and then you can apply them in your daily life. One thing that you should always keep in mind while managing people is that you will have to understand them first so you will require a lot of patience as well. Let us take a look at a few tips which Read the rest of this entry »

10 Effective Ways to Manage Your Project

If you have been appointed as a project manager, you might be going through mixed feelings. At one place you must be happy that your company has appreciated your hard work and effort. But, you must be thinking to manage the project successfully. Handling responsibilities is not a very easy thing to do but it is not something impossible. As a project manager, you need to keep a few things in your mind and you will be all good to reach new heights of success. Following are a few effective ways to manage your project:

1. Objective of the Project:
It is very important to be clear about the objectives of the project. As a project manager, you would be handling a team of people so it is essential for you to know the most important thing related to the project i.e., scope of the project. Since you are responsible for everything related to the project, before starting off, if there are any confusions, get them cleared from your boss so that you know exactly what should be accomplished from the project.

2. Required Resources:
A project obviously requires a number of resources. You do not have to take care of the availability of those resources but you need to be precise of what are the requirements of your project. It is your duty to determine the amount of people, time and money required to finish the project successfully.

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Effective tips to write your cover letter

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I have seen, heard and read about people emphasizing a lot on the importance of resume. The whole attention is diverted towards resume that people tend to ignore the importance of a cover letter. Anyone who is looking for a job must realize and understand the importance of cover letter because you can create an impressive resume but if you do not have a powerful cover letter to support your resume, you are blowing off your chances of getting a job.

Before checking out a resume, mostly employers prefer viewing the cover letter because it says a lot about the job-seeker. If you do not have an impressive cover letter, employer won’t even bother looking at your resume. Writing an impressive cover letter is not at all a difficult task. You follow the tips mentioned below and you are good to go.

Important steps to take before writing a Cover Letter:

  • Update your resume
  • Research about the Organization you are about to apply for
  • Go through Job description multiple times
  • Be aware of the person who would be interviewing you for the position

Once you are done with gathering the importance information, you can start working on your cover letter.

Important Points of formatting:

Proper formatting is very important for a Cover letter. Make sure you

  • Keep a proper check on line spacing
  • You write the address on the top of the cover letter and it should always be at the left
  • Always keep a distance of four lines between the next paragraph
  • Enter date and then Enter the name of the concerned person

If you are not aware of whom to address, write down ‘To Whom It May Concern

Body of the Letter

The content of the cover letter is obviously the most important thing. Do not copy and paste the material as employers can easily get it plus, it will kill the entire essence of your resume. Do not get into useless stories as cover letter is supposed to be precise. Inform your employer the reason behind writing in the first few lines.

Once you are done with informing the reason, tell them what they really want to know i.e., Qualifications. While you are enlisting your qualifications, make sure you have Job description with you because you need to match your qualifications with the Job description.

After enlisting your qualifications, do mention your professional experience but make sure it is not the exact copy of your resume. Only mention the highlights so that in the end you can direct the employer towards your resume. At the end of the resume, make sure you request employer for an interview and mention your availability.

A few important tips:

  • It should be visually appealing. Avoid useless formatting in the cover letter
  • Avoid going over the top with style elements
  • Always proofread your cover letter and resume before sending it out
  • You should make a separate cover letter for different jobs
  • Any grammatical or spelling mistake is a Big NO.

Green At Work

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22 April is earth day. It is time to think about how you can lower your carbon footprint at work. Here are some green practices that you can adopt to do so.

1. Computers are the Culprits:

Even in standby or hibernate modes computers use energy. To reduce energy consumption by 60 to 70%, set your computer to sleep mode when not in use.

Green Fact: Almost two-thirds of the energy used by a computer is for the monitor, so turn it off when not in use.

2. Disconnect to Stop the Drain:

Laptop and mobile phone charger draw energy (up to 95%) when they are plugged in even if they are not attached to the device, so disconnect chargers when not in use.

Green Fact: Switching off cell phones while charging uses half the power.

3. Lose the Paper Trail

Print with discretion; use soft copies whenever, wherever possible. Install a duplex printer (which can print on both sides), to halve paper consumption and reduce energy consumption by almost 25%. Designate a recycle bin for used paper.

Green Fact: Fax-modems allow document to be sent directly from a computer without requiring a printed hard copy.

4. Go Light on the Lighting

Lighting constitutes 29% of office energy costs, so turn off lights whenever possible to lower bills and energy. Install sensor activated lights especially in seldom or periodically used areas.

Green Fact: Energy saver light bulbs can save up to 50% on lighting costs and energy.

5. Recycle, Refill & Reuse

Opt for refillable printer cartridges and stationery made from recycled materials.

Green Fact: Avoid using paper and Styrofoam cutlery and crockery; use reusable ones.

ICC World Cup 2011 – Group B Permutations

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England’s tremendous comeback against West Indies gave them an 18-run victory in their must-win encounter in Chennai. With that victory, they have given themselves every chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals. South Africa are the only team from Group B who have ensured qualification and there are a number of possible scenarios that will decide both the teams qualifying and the position of the teams that qualify for the knockouts.

Case I: Bangladesh lose to South Africa and India beat West Indies

Bangladesh will be eliminated because of their inferior net run rate. South Africa will finish top of the group with ten points and India will finish second with nine points. England and West Indies will finish third and fourth respectively.

Case II: Bangladesh beat South Africa and West Indies beat India

England will be hoping this scenario does not happen. If Bangladesh beat South Africa, they will move to eight points and West Indies can also finish on eight if they beat India. With three teams level on points and number of wins, the net run rate will decide the standings. West Indies and South Africa will take the top two spots and Bangladesh the third spot. India will edge out England for the fourth position barring a huge defeat against West Indies.

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Logic Counts

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One day, a programmer’s wife asked her husband,

Can you go to the shop and buy a loaf of bread and if they have eggs, buy six. The programmer goes to the shop and returns with seven loaves of bread.