Project Management

Project managers must focus on three dimensions of project success, time within the budget at a level of quality.
Top management for project must actively set priorities. Project sponsors and stakeholders must be active participants, not passive customers. 

Project managers should acquire the best people they can and then do whatever it takes to keep the garbage out of their way.

Project managers must fight for time to do the things right.

Planning is everything.

Project manager responsibility must be matched by equivalent authority.  They must feel and transmit to their team members, a sense of urgency. Successful projects should be time-tested.

All project should be deliverable and all project activities must be visualized and communicated in vivid detail. Deliverable projects must be evolved gradually, in successive approximations. Projects require clear approvals and sign-off by sponsors.

Project success should be correlated with thorough analyses of the need for project deliverables.

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