Online Advertising and Year 2010

Millions of new pages of content are being created every day and the vast majority is created by the individual publisher, but the advertising inventory is growing at massive multiples to the actual demand. With this, publishers will need to find new ways to be found and advertisers will need to find innovative ways to get in front of this micro created content. Here are some online advertising trends for 2010.

Advertising Marketplaces
These directories, such as our own AdvertiseSpace marketplace, will sprout up out of need for advertisers to find grouped niches that meet their needs and don’t have the time to scour the entire web looking for great sites to market their products on.

Social Media Advertising
We saw the birth of Twitter Advertising in 09 with companies like Sponsored Tweets and In 2010 expect to see tons more advertising in your twitter feeds. Facebook and MySpace advertising also grew in ‘09 with their self serve create your own banner, platforms and for this year expect more growth and hopefully some innovations with the tools.

Indy Publisher Advertising
Major advertisers are going to seek our smaller independent ‘voices’ in lieu of massive publishers to return to grass roots. This will be a major shift in 2010 as big percentages of ad dollars will shift to the little guy.

Smart phone Advertising
Advertising within other people apps. You can run standard banners within iphone apps and there are already a ton of iphone app ad networks. iphone is the clear choice right now, with Android a close 2nd and Blackberries’ a distant 3rd. AdMob help show everyone the potential value in this model with its acquisition by Google for 750 million.

Advertising Exchanges
There is tons of buzz lately about Exchanges, but they are not new, and some view as worse than general ad networks with a higher barrier to entry and most publishers fear them because they make inventory even more price sensitive. They are good for advertisers and publishers with billions of remnant inventory and nothing to lose. AdExchanger is a great blog to read more about these, but they are obviously a little biased.

Decline in Ad Networks
2010 will be the year that publishers stand up and realize that Ad Networks having been taking advantages of them for far too long, with low fill rates, crappy ads and terrible payouts. Publishers will take control over their own inventory and demand higher rates.

Remnant Optimization
Publishers are going to demand more for their un-sold inventory and use more remnant inventory optimizing tools. These tools basically scroll through all the ad networks and find the highest paying banner for the open ad spot. 2 of the biggest ones are The Rubicon Project and Pubmatic.

Total Impact Measurements
Advertisers will continue to demand better brand engagement metrics besides the old standard impressions and clicks, measuring conversations and overall impact of advertising campaigns.

Application Advertising
Not advertising within an app, but actually building your own app as an advertising mechanism. Hey when someone is playing a game based on your brand, you can’t get more interactive than that? (Except actually using your real product

Demand Side Platforms
Everyone is also raving about DSP right now too, which is demand side platforms or even publishing. Some agencies are grouping together to have their own pool of ads to buy from. This is bad news for publishers. Basically it is media buyers saying, your content is crap and I think I could do better myself, or I just want to control the price market myself by creating my own exchange.

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