Difference Between Ubuntu and Fedora

Ubuntu and Fedora are two distributions of Linux that are being distributed for free as open source software.

Fedora is a very popular linux distribution for desktops but it has been superseded by the meteoric rise of Ubuntu due to its user friendly interfaces. Fedora uses the “Red Hat” style, using RPM packages. RPMs are less standardized, so package breakage is more common. Also, RPMs cannot track their dependencies automatically, so you will experience “RPM hell” easily if you are not careful.

Ubuntu aims to make it easier to switch to a Linux based system for ordinary PC users with minimal problems. It also minimizes the need for typing into a command prompt and moves the majority of operations into a graphical interface like the Synaptic package manager. Ubuntu uses the “Debian” style, with DEB packages.

Although both are linux but Ubuntu and Fedora differ mainly in their package management methods. These are similar but incompatible with each other.

Installation: This is a little bit less important but might impact users is the installer.

Ubuntu has a very small installer as it does not come with a lot of packages. After installation, it prompts the user to check online for additional packages that might be needed for the OS to run at optimum or just any package that the user might want or need.

Fedora, on the other hand,  installers often have a lot of packages that you can choose from during installation, meaning bigger file sizes for the installer itself.


  1. Fedora is based on Red Hat.
    while Ubuntu is based on Debian
  2. Ubuntu is a more popular linux distribution than Fedora.
  3. Ubuntu is easier for beginners to learn as compare to Fedora.
  4. Ubuntu uses DEB packages.
    while Fedora uses RPM packages and are incompatible with each other.
  5. Fedora installers often have a lot of packages while Ubuntu only has a minimal amount and downloads the rest from the internet.
  6. It is easier to find packages for servers with Fedora than with Ubuntu.
  7. It’s easier to install proprietary software in Ubuntu than with Fedora.
  8. Ubantu has friendly user interface. It comes with necessary sofwares to work as desktop OS.
  9. Fedora Core is the new version of Red Hat Linux. It is used for server purpose. It has great support also. RedHat is version used for server purposes. It is not that use friendly like Ubuntu.

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  1. Umar said on March 26th, 2010 at 6:18 pm:


    Good Article.

    No doubt apt-get and aptitude make ubutnu more usable then Fedora. I don’t think so Fedora, Centos are capable for Production servers.