How to Check Hard Drive Health

If you don’t have a monitoring software for disk health, you would need to download Free disk health monitoring utility. There are many options among them. The most famous name is SMART – (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology). It is used to test the health of computer’s hard disks. SMART detects and reports on several indicators of reliability, for gauging possible disk failures. This is a very common device, so I mentioned it. You can go for any such utility. Read more on how to clean computer hard drive.

Run the windows check disk utility after installing the software on your computer. It will check hard drive for errors and repair if there are any problems in the system file. In addition, it will also examine the physical structure, that is, the integrity of the disk surface. This is the basic thing for hard disc health check.

After the utility disk check:

  1. Close all the software (application, browsers and any other utilities) which might be open
  2. Open ‘My Computer
  3. Right click on the mouse on your hard drive properties
  4. Click tool tab which will be under error checking
  5. Click on the option which says check now
  6. Choose the option which says ‘automatically fix file system errors’
  7. Read more on computer keeps freezing up.

Once you are done with ‘automatically fix file system errors’,

  1. Select the option which says scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors and
  2. Finally click start to tune the utility.This is when the utility will check hard drive for bad sectors, when it is checking hard drive for health. Download and then run the freeware diagnostic tool you might be having on your computer, for example Hard Disk Tune. This is a fabulous diagnostic tool to run an entire benchmark analysis of the hard drive. Not just that, it also identifies structural errors and makes a total analysis of the drive, checking every item. Read more on bad sectors on hard drive.

Once this is done,

  1. Close the program,
  2. Shut off the computer and
  3. Switch it on.

Hopefully, your hard disk will be fine now.

That’s it! It was that simple to check hard drive health.

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    Can we burn IC or some other hardware via virus?