Google Stats, Fox News and Pakistan

Google has recently released its stats according which Pakistan has topped the list of searching pornographic matter through Google. The article was published and played up by FOX News in the wake of tarnishing the image of the country. The channel did not bother to take the version of Pakistani authorities but they just highlighted the fact on the basis of statistical data.

The article not only refers to stats but it highlights other things along with it. The writer on its own advised her reader to change the name of our country. The article also emphasize on the extremist elements existing in our country. This kind of journalism has always worked against Pakistan and such slanted act should always be played down.

There are loopholes in every society and system. Pakistani journalism has never raised fingers on corrupt elite in US or other western countries. Similarly, it is known that USA has the highest crime rate as well as rape cases. The Britain has the highest number of unmarried pregnant teenage girls. However, such horrendous acts which are far more evident in western societies were never played up in Asian particularly in Muslim media.

On the other hand, there are journalists working against Pakistan trying to dig stories which can distort the image of Pakistan, whereas, they hardly try to put up the lighter side of Pakistan. On western media, one can always find women in Burqa protesting against West but they don’t show the woman working in an office or holding key position in public sector. They like to inform the world about our corruption but they don’t really care about mentioning the story of that waiter who returned 10,000$ forgotten by the tourist.

I believe, FOX News article is against the ban on by the Pakistani Court. Now, they are trying to start media war against the Pakistan and Pakistani Courts. So, some hard headed nutshells want us to change our name to whatever they suggested then they need to find a name for their country too because I don’t feel like suggesting anything. It’s always easy to blame and hard to self realization. Development and money does not solve all problems. So, let’s not interfere in each other’s affairs on personal vendetta. There are good things which need our attention too.

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