Pakistan Need Help for Rehabilitation Process

Now a day, Pakistan is in the natural catastrophic disaster. Disaster on this scale would be devastating for any country, but for Pakistan – a developing nation, chronically unstable due to fight against terrorism. The consequences may go well beyond those posed by the urgent need for humanitarian relief and for reconstruction in the longer term.

So far, approximately 2000-2500 people are believed to have died and million people have had their lives disrupted. UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that more than 14 million people have been affected by the floods, making this a greater catastrophe than the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, or the Haiti earthquake of earlier this year, each of which affected 3 million people, or the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, which affected 5 million.  Around with over 160,000 square kilometers (1/5 of  Pakistan) effected with this disaster.

People of Pakistan are fighting the battle against nature on its own but this can’t be fought without international help that’s why UN chief Ban Ki-moon has urged the world to urgently speed up aid but the international response was very slow. We fear we’re getting close to the start of seeing a second wave of death if not enough money comes through, due to water-borne diseases along with lack of clean water and food shortages.

Floods have submerged 17 million acres of Pakistan’s most fertile crop land, killed 200,000+ livestock and washed away massive amounts of grain. A major concern is that farmers will be unable to meet the fall deadline for planting new seeds in 2010, meaning a massive loss of food production in 2011, and potentially leading to long term food shortages.  The agricultural damages are more than 2.9 billion dollars, according to recent estimates, and include over 700,000 acres of lost cotton crops, 200,000 acres of sugar cane and 200,000 acres of rice, in addition to the loss of over 500,000 tonnes of stocked wheat, 300,000 acres of animal fodder and the stored grain losses

This is the time to do something for the country. Our Agricultural and Industrial zone is almost demolished and if we don’t help those people regaining their lives back, we will ourself be in a very bad situation. The damage and the magnitude is too large for natural resources to cope with it … Pakistan needs your help.

For Pakistanis Abroad, Following are some of the links where they can donate:

Please spread the word and try to at least realize the alarming situation of the Country.


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