Oil Prices Rise – New Year Gift by Pakistan Government

Dear Pakistani People, Congratulations!!!

Pakistan government has decided for gift to Pakistani people on the start of new year 2011. That’s why government announced the raise in Oil prices. The ex-deport rate includes the petroleum levy. In the result, the new prices are following:

Old Price 72.96
Price Change 6.71
%age Change 9.2
New Price 79.67
Petroleum Levy 10
(High Octane Blending Component)
Old Price 86.67
Price Change 7.69
%age Change 8.9
New Price 94.36
Petroleum Levy 14
Old Price 70.95
Price Change 4.04
%age Change 5.7
New Price 74.99
Petroleum Levy 6
LDO (Light Diesel Oil)
Old Price 66.61
Price Change 4.36
%age Change 6.55
New Price 70.97
Petroleum Levy 3
HDO (High Diesel Oil)
Old Price 78.33
Price Change 4.25
%age Change 5.43
New Price 82.58
Petroleum Levy 8

Addressing a press conference, Ogra spokesman Syed Jawad Naseem said that prices of kerosene, HSD, petrol and furnace oil had increased by 8.8, 9.3, 12.7 and 7.4 per cent, respectively, in the international market. He said that import incidental had been excluded from the ex refinery price as per first phase of the ECC decision on deregulation of petroleum products. Distributors and dealers margins had been fixed according to the ECC decision also. He said the government was discouraging subsidy which had resulted in problems in the past.

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  1. Hashim Amla said on January 20th, 2011 at 1:07 am:

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    I have read similar post at this page petrol prices in pakistan, it has also same subject regarding the hike of prices at new year!