Pakistani Trio Get Long Bans

Just before the 14 days of Cricket World Cup 2011, ICC banned three Pakistani cricketers Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer in spot fixing case. Most probably, it will effect on the moral of Pakistan Cricket team.

Simon Clements, head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Special Crime Division, said: “We have decided that Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and their agent, Mazhar Majeed, should be charged with conspiracy to obtain and accept corrupt payments and also conspiracy to cheat.”

In the result of charge, the three players are banned for long time in the cricket. Salman butt has been banned for 10 years, Mohammad Asif for 7 years and Mohammad Aamer for 5 years. The players has 21 days to appeal to the court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, in this case Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has played negative role. PCB left players in the ICC court and not event provided them the moral support.

Although, this might be fair trial but it is possible that this is the proper setup against the Pakistan Cricket and Indian and other anti-Pakistani peoples want to disappear Pakistan from the International Cricket.

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