Green At Work

22 April is earth day. It is time to think about how you can lower your carbon footprint at work. Here are some green practices that you can adopt to do so.

1. Computers are the Culprits:

Even in standby or hibernate modes computers use energy. To reduce energy consumption by 60 to 70%, set your computer to sleep mode when not in use.

Green Fact: Almost two-thirds of the energy used by a computer is for the monitor, so turn it off when not in use.

2. Disconnect to Stop the Drain:

Laptop and mobile phone charger draw energy (up to 95%) when they are plugged in even if they are not attached to the device, so disconnect chargers when not in use.

Green Fact: Switching off cell phones while charging uses half the power.

3. Lose the Paper Trail

Print with discretion; use soft copies whenever, wherever possible. Install a duplex printer (which can print on both sides), to halve paper consumption and reduce energy consumption by almost 25%. Designate a recycle bin for used paper.

Green Fact: Fax-modems allow document to be sent directly from a computer without requiring a printed hard copy.

4. Go Light on the Lighting

Lighting constitutes 29% of office energy costs, so turn off lights whenever possible to lower bills and energy. Install sensor activated lights especially in seldom or periodically used areas.

Green Fact: Energy saver light bulbs can save up to 50% on lighting costs and energy.

5. Recycle, Refill & Reuse

Opt for refillable printer cartridges and stationery made from recycled materials.

Green Fact: Avoid using paper and Styrofoam cutlery and crockery; use reusable ones.

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