Effective tips to write your cover letter

I have seen, heard and read about people emphasizing a lot on the importance of resume. The whole attention is diverted towards resume that people tend to ignore the importance of a cover letter. Anyone who is looking for a job must realize and understand the importance of cover letter because you can create an impressive resume but if you do not have a powerful cover letter to support your resume, you are blowing off your chances of getting a job.

Before checking out a resume, mostly employers prefer viewing the cover letter because it says a lot about the job-seeker. If you do not have an impressive cover letter, employer won’t even bother looking at your resume. Writing an impressive cover letter is not at all a difficult task. You follow the tips mentioned below and you are good to go.

Important steps to take before writing a Cover Letter:

  • Update your resume
  • Research about the Organization you are about to apply for
  • Go through Job description multiple times
  • Be aware of the person who would be interviewing you for the position

Once you are done with gathering the importance information, you can start working on your cover letter.

Important Points of formatting:

Proper formatting is very important for a Cover letter. Make sure you

  • Keep a proper check on line spacing
  • You write the address on the top of the cover letter and it should always be at the left
  • Always keep a distance of four lines between the next paragraph
  • Enter date and then Enter the name of the concerned person

If you are not aware of whom to address, write down ‘To Whom It May Concern

Body of the Letter

The content of the cover letter is obviously the most important thing. Do not copy and paste the material as employers can easily get it plus, it will kill the entire essence of your resume. Do not get into useless stories as cover letter is supposed to be precise. Inform your employer the reason behind writing in the first few lines.

Once you are done with informing the reason, tell them what they really want to know i.e., Qualifications. While you are enlisting your qualifications, make sure you have Job description with you because you need to match your qualifications with the Job description.

After enlisting your qualifications, do mention your professional experience but make sure it is not the exact copy of your resume. Only mention the highlights so that in the end you can direct the employer towards your resume. At the end of the resume, make sure you request employer for an interview and mention your availability.

A few important tips:

  • It should be visually appealing. Avoid useless formatting in the cover letter
  • Avoid going over the top with style elements
  • Always proofread your cover letter and resume before sending it out
  • You should make a separate cover letter for different jobs
  • Any grammatical or spelling mistake is a Big NO.

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