10 Effective Ways to Manage Your Project

If you have been appointed as a project manager, you might be going through mixed feelings. At one place you must be happy that your company has appreciated your hard work and effort. But, you must be thinking to manage the project successfully. Handling responsibilities is not a very easy thing to do but it is not something impossible. As a project manager, you need to keep a few things in your mind and you will be all good to reach new heights of success. Following are a few effective ways to manage your project:

1. Objective of the Project:
It is very important to be clear about the objectives of the project. As a project manager, you would be handling a team of people so it is essential for you to know the most important thing related to the project i.e., scope of the project. Since you are responsible for everything related to the project, before starting off, if there are any confusions, get them cleared from your boss so that you know exactly what should be accomplished from the project.

2. Required Resources:
A project obviously requires a number of resources. You do not have to take care of the availability of those resources but you need to be precise of what are the requirements of your project. It is your duty to determine the amount of people, time and money required to finish the project successfully.

3. Meeting Deadline:
To maintain your credibility, it is essential for you to meet deadlines. Mostly the projects have a deadline decided so it is your responsibility to make a schedule for in order to complete the work before time so there is enough room for re-checking.

4. Meeting with the Team:
Have one on one word with everyone in your team and assign them the responsibilities. Your job is to make sure everything is being done on time.

5. Enlisting Important Points:
Going step by step will make things a lot easier for you. Enlist the important points of your project and try to follow them but try to be flexible as well as being rigid about the schedule can also affect your project.

6. Big Steps and Small Steps:
Being disciplined is way too important so if you have enlisted big steps make sure you have written small steps as well with them. Go for the chronological order and you will realize that being organized will make things very easy for you.

7. Preliminary Plan:
Having a preliminary plan will help you a lot. Since you are new into project management you should talk to other people n the same position. They might help you with soft-wares available online in order to manage the project.

8. Feedback from the Team:
Once you have a game plan, do not ignore the feedback on that plan from your team. Try to be flexible with the ideas and if you think they are good, try incorporating them in your preliminary plan.

9. Proper Documentation:
Documenting everything related to project is necessary so that you are aware of any changes or required changes in the project. It is impossible to remember everything so writing down every important thing related to your project would be a good idea.

10. Progress of the Team:
You should keep a check on the progress of your team so that issues could be taken care of in the initial stages. Apart from this, it is your duty to check the progress of your team.

In order to manage a project successfully, all you need to have is a baseline and follow it. But as mentioned earlier, do not get too rigid about the baseline or plan. Changes might be required and be flexible about it. Making a plan is good; dying for the plan is not.

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    tnkx alot dear this articale is very very use full and very simple step by step guide line to manage projects tnkx again