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Extremely Bitter Experience with UBL Credit Card Service

I am just sharing my a bitter experience with United Bank Limited (UBL), Pakistan. I had a credit card of United Bank Limited (UBL), Pakistan. Initially, I was hearing from people that UBL banking is not good they are getting extra amount from the consumers. Even than I made a mistake and requested UBL to make Credit Card. In April 2012, when it was renewed, I have refused to continue the credit card service of UBL and sent my credit card in two halves to UBL along with a letter to close my account and send me confirmation letter. Please Note: Before to submit my request, I had cleared all my dues on my credit card even with some extra few amount. Unfortunately, I have not received any letter from the bank and I was assuming that my credit card has been closed with UBL.

In 2nd November 2012, I have received a bill from UBL with the Late Payment Fee of total amount Rs. 3,052. Immediately, I called to service center and asked for the bill. They said to send the a written request on the following address.

Manager Problem Resolutions Unit
Customer Services
City Building, First Floor, II Chandrigarh Road, Karachi

I sent them a written request and request them to close my account immediately and send me written information about it. According to my knowledge, they have received the application on  6 November 2012. I am still waiting for the letter but then I have received another bill with the total amount Rs. 4,352 including last month payment Rs. 3,052 and Service Fee Rs. 141, Late Payment Fee Rs. 1,000 and FED on Late Payment Rs. 160.

It was surprise for me to receive another bill while I was expected to receive closed account confirmation. So, again I have called to service center then Mr. Rizwan (customer support representative) said that I must pay all of the amount then request them on help line for the confirmation letter which they will forward and then I will receive the letter. What a GREAT FUCKING service from UBL.

Now, I believe that UBL is trying to get money from the people. I strongly believe that they don’t care of the customers and only wants to increase their amount.

Just for the record, I also closed my another credit card account from Bank Alfalah and it was very good experience that immediately after 2 weeks, I have received confirmation of account closed. I really appreciate the services of Bank Alfalah.

Now, I am going to write another letter to UBL and will check if they respond me within a week otherwise I will not have any choice except to pay amount to UBL to clear myself from these people.

If anybody knows, how to handle this case, please advice.



Oil Prices Rise – New Year Gift by Pakistan Government

Dear Pakistani People, Congratulations!!!

Pakistan government has decided for gift to Pakistani people on the start of new year 2011. That’s why government announced the raise in Oil prices. The ex-deport rate includes the petroleum levy. In the result, the new prices are following: Read the rest of this entry »

E-payments grow to Rs. 4.1 trillion in second quarter of 2010

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Transactions via e-payment grew to Rs. 4.1 trillion in second quarter of the financial year (FY10), stated a State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) report. In the first quarter report it was Rs. 3.9 trillion.

The State Bank’s second quarterly report on retail, e-payments and paper-based instruments released in February 2010 said that the electronic payments continued to rise as both the volume and value of such transactions increased in the second quarter (Oct-Dec) of the current fiscal year 2009-2010. It further added that the volume and value of e-payment transactions during this quarter reached 46.4 million and 4.1 trillion rupees, respectively, an increase of 0.2 percent in volume and 6.1 percent in value, compared to increase of 4 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively in the previous quarter.

Pakistani Rupee (Currency Note)

Last week, while i was sitting with my friends, One of my friend “Imran Sajjad” asked me, “do you have old notes of Pakistan’s currency like PKR 5, 10 etc?”
This question was surprised for me, I just replied why he want this. He said we should have a copy or pictures of old notes so that we can tell our new generation about our currency.
As I have not old currency notes nor a pictures. So, I have decided to search and find the pictures of currency notes and try to put on the web.
After a long searching, I just found some of the images… not sure either these are all or there is any other note too…

Thanks to banknotes and other site from where, I have able to get some of old Pakistani Note (Currency) pictures. While, some pictures are scanned myself.

1. Pakistani Rupee 1 (One)

PKR 1 Rupee 1948-1949

PKR 1 Rupee 1975 Minare-Pakistan

PKR 1 Rupee 1983 Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Tomb of Allama Mohammad Iqbal Lahore

2. Pakistani Rupee 2 (Two)

PKR 2 (1985-1999) Rupee Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Read the rest of this entry »