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Mathemetic Tricks – Intresting Facts


13837 x73 x (YOUR AGE) = ???

When you will put Your age in the value then you can see that your age will repeat number of times. Reason of this is

13837 x 73 = 1010101

Now, when you will multiply your age with the above number then your age will repeat. For example, your age is 25 then

13837 x 73 x 25 = 25252525

This trick will not work properly, if you age is less than 10 year or greater than 99 years. Because in less than 10 years i contains only 1 digit in your age. So, when one digit will multiply with 1010101 then will have 0 in better your age age value which is definitely not the part of your age. Same when this will increase 99 and it will convert into 3 digits then this trick will fail.

Let try to multiply your age 13837 x 73 x AGE

Pakistan (August 14, 2009) 63rd Youm-e-Azadi

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Pakistan ka matlab kya La-Ilaha-Illah-Lah-

Mind Blowing Dailogues in English

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  1. You can study and get any certificates. But you cannot get ur death certificate
  2. You may have AIRTEL or BSNL connection but when you sneeze u’ll say HUTCH.
  3. You can become an engineer if u study in engineering college. You cannot become a president if u studies in Presidency College.
  4. You can expect a BUS from a BUS stop … You cannot expect a FULL from FULL stop.
  5. A mechanical engineer can bcom a mechanic but a software engineer cannot become a software.
  6. You can find tea in teacup. But cannot find world in world cup.
  7. You can find keys in Keyboard but you cannot find mother in motherboard.

IT Twins

An IT staff gave birth to a set of twins.

Guess what they named.

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Work of Me and My Boss

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When I Take a long time to finish, I am slow,
When my boss takes a long time, he is thorough

When I don’t do it, I am lazy,
When my boss does not do it, he is busy,

When I do something without being told, I am trying to be smart,
When my boss does the same, he takes the initiative,

When I please my boss, I am apple polishing,
When my boss pleases his boss, he is cooperating,

When I make a mistake, I’ am an idiot.
When my boss makes a mistake, he’s only human.

When I am out of the office, I am wondering around.
When my boss is out of the office, he’s on business.

When I am on a day off sick, I am always sick.
When my boss is a day off sick, he must be very ill.

When I apply for leave, I must be going for an interview
When my boss applies for leave, it’s because he’s overworked

When I do good, my boss never remembers,
When I do wrong, he never forgets

Why employee on leave without prior notice

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A boss wondered why one of his most valued employees had not phoned in sick one day. Having an urgent problem with one of the main computers, he dialed the employers home phone number and was greeted with a Child’s’ whisper.

“Hello””Is your daddy home?” he asked

“Yes” whispered the small voice

“May I talk with him?”


Surprised and wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, “Is your Mummy there?”

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We are waiting for you

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Excuse me boss

How to save your slippers

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Some peoples always worried about the slippers when they need to wear off the slippers. Now, you can save your slippers…. See the image below :)

Save your slippers