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Track or Count Online Users List

During interview, this is the common question which are asked by the interviewer that How can we track or count total number of online users. This is tricky but really simple question and most of the times interviewee is not able to response on this simple question.

There are two solutions by which you can get the number of online users.


Whenever user come on your site and logged-in on the site. Then set a flag value in DB. And reset the flag whenever user logged-out the site. But this is a major issue in this case. You are totally dependent on the user’s logged-out step. But if user left the site and close the browser or directly goes to other site you can’t reset the flag in the DB. DB state will show that the user is online while he/she is not online. So, this is not recommended.


Make another table for this purpose and add at least 4 fields in this table which are

  1. username
  2. datetime
  3. ipAddress
  4. session value

Whenever user logged-in on the site insert a record in this table. Also store the session values in COOKIE. Now, on each page first try to read the COOKIE contains the value of session. If the session value found then update the table row with the current datetime where the session value exist.

Now, at this point you can get the information that how many people are currently logged In. Also by the username you can also get the user’s information. But you need to fix you timings that for how long the user’s session should alive. It means if you think that if there is no activity on the site by user within last 10 minutes then it suppose that user has left the site. So, you must get only count of people in last 10 minutes.

You can implement this in any server site scripting like PHP, ASP .Net, CGI, Perl, Ruby etc.

Wateen Telecom – Support Experience

Today, I have very bad experience with Wateen Telecom customer service. At 1:00 AM, I tried to login to Wateen telecom connection then it returns the error “CRB_ERR_INVALID_PASSWORD”. I tried again and again but failed. Then I called on 111.365.111 from my mobile number which I had filled in the registration form at the time of subscription.

First time, the call dropped after 5 minutes wait.

Second time, After 4 minutes wait, the Customer Support Officer asked me the error message then he said that I am entering wrong password Which was not true. Then, I asked him to change my password he said that your mobile number is not in your profile. So, either you call from your land line or from your registered mobile. It was surprise for me that my mobile number is not listed in the Wateen’s Profile.

Third time,  I called from my land line number which was away from my computer. The customer officer said that please approach your computer so he can troubleshoot the issue. I asked him that it is not possible for me as the land line number is not near my computer. Also I told him that I had already called from my mobile but faced the non-registered number issue. He said as your number is saved in your computer, so first goto Tools->Internet Options and remove your saved password. I told him that I already did this. Then I asked him to please change my password, he said that for this purpose you should arrange your registered (on Wateen) mobile number. I asked him that you have my land line number from where I am calling you. You can ask me my NIC number and please provide me the password. He said that system has no provision to show the password. System will regenerate the password and send on Mobile Number as SMS and this is totally for security.

Now, my point is, This is tru that security does matter, But how it is important that the member is calling and he has NIC and other identification then why don’t the system can provide the number?

After that I still insist to provide new password then he asked me for my identifications NIC and mobile number which I provided and finally got the new password.

I don’t know how my password changed? This is  at my home connection and I never ever provides my user/password to anybody. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE ERROR IN SYSTEM.

Actually then have my brother’s mobile number in the profile. Now the question is how they know about my brother’s mobile number.  Actually, In the start my brother went to franchise about the connection and provided his number for further procedure. But when I finally decided for the connection then I have provided my own information Name, NIC, Mobile number etc. But still they entered my brother’s mobile number. AMAZING.

Pakistan’s First Ever Virtual Job Fair

Another job fair is coming by the ROZEE.PK team. This time this is totally new. This will happened virtually not physically. It mean, you will not go to any where.  You will not spend any amount to reach the Job Fair venue and attend the employer. This time you only need the internet at your home.

The Virtual Job Fair will start by May 11 which will active up to May 17. During this one week you can meet the employers online from your home.

That’s why ROZEE.PK is saying “Find your Dream Job at ROZEE.PK’s First Ever Virtual Job Fair. Meet Pakistan’s Best Employers without leaving your home.”
I think, this will be a new experiment but risky in the market of Pakistan where most of the people may not understand how to use this.  This will be a highly responsibility of ROZEE team to educate people about the event.

You may visit ROZEE.PK Virtual Job Fair 2009 page to register yourself for the event.


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How to redirect you website with 301 Redirection

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You have change your URL of domain and now want that all traffic of old site should come to new URL. Or you have sub domain and now want to redirect all the traffic of sub domain to your main domain. Also you want the page rank (PR) should automatically assign to new domain. So you can do it very easily. There is an option exists which is called redirection of URL either permanent or temporary.

What is 301 redirect?

There are two types of redirection exists. One is temporary also call 302 redirect and other is permanent redirection called 301 redirect. 301 Redirection is very friendly and recommended by Search Engines. With this technique all of your old pages in search engine automatically redirect to new URL. Also the page rank (PR) and visitors never disturb.

How to activate 301 Redirect on website?

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