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PTCL Launches Largest Data Centre

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL) launched the largest data center in Karachi. The data center has been developed on modem lines, keeping in view the latest development in the global telecom sector.

The center is protected from intrusion and failure with multi-layered security, fail-safe redundancy, diversity measures and rapid response recovery measures. The new center is directly connected to PTCL’s global multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) backbone to offer hosting solutions.

Google Making Mobile Telephone

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World’s busiest search engine intends to make mobile phone, the story was bussing the market. Vice president of product management Mario Queiroz said in a blog post that Google workers were trying out a device that “combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities”.

Technology industry tracker Gartner predicts that Android-based smart phones will capture 14 percent of the global market by the year 2012, as compared with a mere two percent today, according to a report in Computer world. Google is seeking feedback in a process it refers to a “dogfooding” in which innovations are tested internally before being offered to the public on the basis that employees should be willing to “eat our own dogfood”. “This holiday season, we are taking dogfooding to a new level”, Queiroz worte.

“Unfortunately, because dogfooding is a process exclusively for Google employees, we cannnot share specific product details. We hope to share more after our dogfood diet”. The Androud-based mobile devices are being shared with Google workers worldwide, according to Queiroz. The blog post came a morning after Google workers evidently excited about getting “Google phones” exchanged comments on wildly popular microblogging service Twitter. “ZOMG we had fireworks and we got the new Google phone”, one Google worker said in a tweet. “It’s beautiful”.

PTA Issues Show Cause Notices to Mobile Operators

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On the basis of recently concluded Quality of Service (QoS) survey of mobile phone operators, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued show cause notices to five mobile phone operators of Pakistan. These results were shared with the mobile phone companies along with instructions to improve their services quality. A reasonable time was also given to them, so that they can improve their network performance. However, it was found that all mobile operators failed to achieve the desired results. As a result PTA issued show cause notices to all mobile companies for failing to maintain the quality as per the license conditions.

This survey include quality of voice and SMS in 14 cities of Pakistan, AJ&K and northern areas including all major highways. This exercise has been conducted by PTA’s enforcement teams with the latest automated QoS equipment. PTA has been conducting this survey throughout the last year and shared results of first three quarters with the operators with directions to improve their services. The final comprehensive survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2009.

While talking about survey results, Chairman PTA said that ensuring provision of quality services to the telecom consumers has always been a priority of PTA. The objective of conducting QoS survey is to ensure that the telecom customers are being provided with top quality services. It may be noted that every year PTA defines its targets and goals where QoS survey of all services remains one of the major activities. The aim is to ensure that the telecom companies provide quality services as per the license conditions and instructions of PTA.

Wateen Telecom – Support Experience

Today, I have very bad experience with Wateen Telecom customer service. At 1:00 AM, I tried to login to Wateen telecom connection then it returns the error “CRB_ERR_INVALID_PASSWORD”. I tried again and again but failed. Then I called on 111.365.111 from my mobile number which I had filled in the registration form at the time of subscription.

First time, the call dropped after 5 minutes wait.

Second time, After 4 minutes wait, the Customer Support Officer asked me the error message then he said that I am entering wrong password Which was not true. Then, I asked him to change my password he said that your mobile number is not in your profile. So, either you call from your land line or from your registered mobile. It was surprise for me that my mobile number is not listed in the Wateen’s Profile.

Third time,  I called from my land line number which was away from my computer. The customer officer said that please approach your computer so he can troubleshoot the issue. I asked him that it is not possible for me as the land line number is not near my computer. Also I told him that I had already called from my mobile but faced the non-registered number issue. He said as your number is saved in your computer, so first goto Tools->Internet Options and remove your saved password. I told him that I already did this. Then I asked him to please change my password, he said that for this purpose you should arrange your registered (on Wateen) mobile number. I asked him that you have my land line number from where I am calling you. You can ask me my NIC number and please provide me the password. He said that system has no provision to show the password. System will regenerate the password and send on Mobile Number as SMS and this is totally for security.

Now, my point is, This is tru that security does matter, But how it is important that the member is calling and he has NIC and other identification then why don’t the system can provide the number?

After that I still insist to provide new password then he asked me for my identifications NIC and mobile number which I provided and finally got the new password.

I don’t know how my password changed? This is  at my home connection and I never ever provides my user/password to anybody. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE ERROR IN SYSTEM.

Actually then have my brother’s mobile number in the profile. Now the question is how they know about my brother’s mobile number.  Actually, In the start my brother went to franchise about the connection and provided his number for further procedure. But when I finally decided for the connection then I have provided my own information Name, NIC, Mobile number etc. But still they entered my brother’s mobile number. AMAZING.

NTC migrated phone numbers from 7 to 8 digits

NTC (National Telecommunication Corporation) converted its telephone numbers from 7 to 8 digits. For this purpose they added digit “9” in the start of numbers.

For example, if number is 920xxxx this number is now 9920xxxx after adding “9” in the start. NTC converted number between the night of April 30, 2009 and May 1, 2009.

PTCL changed landline numbers from 7 to 8 digits

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) migrating its land line numbers from 7 to 8 digits in the direction of PTA. Intially they are converting the numbers in Lahore and Karachi. For this purpose digit “3” will add in the start of the number. For example, if number is 512xxxx will convert into 3512xxxx. By this the telephone exchange will have more capacity to accomodate new telephone connections.

Officially, all Lahore and Karachi numbers will shift in 8 digits by June 1st, 2009. Remember PTCL already completed successfull test for this tested by adding 3 in the start of the number.

T88 Dual SIM Mobile Phone with Built in TV function

T88 is a dual SIM card mobile phone that comes with TV function. It runs on GSM 900 / 1800 Mhz. This mobile phone have the following other functions.

T88 Mobile Phone Dual SIM with TV Function

T88 also has 1.3MP high-definition camera, supports 3GP video record, and its shooting affection is very good, so that you can share wonderful moment with your families by taking photos. What’s more, T88 also support MP3 / MP4 multimedia fluent player, let you enjoy wonderful music and movies anywhere.

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PTCL Packages

I have received very interesting picture made by Khaliq Khan.

PTCL Packages

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